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Virtual Learning Platforms and Tools for Teachers and Kids


Hundreds of educational tools have been created and launched later in the digital world. These online tools are not only helpful for students and teachers in virtual learning, but they are also considered to be best for improving the administration process in academics plus increasing the communication between the students and teachers. There are many popular tools available on the internet and on the app stores and some of the reliable platforms and tools are mentioned below for you guys. 

Best Educational Tools for Students and Teachers!

Here are some of the best online tools that can improve virtual learning and help both parties a lot, especially in this pandemic situation!


Duplichecker is an online plagiarism checker extremely helpful to provides free and reliable duplication checking services to both students and teachers. This is a web-based copyright checker, so you don’t have to worry about the installation of it. It would be best if you had a browser and a valid internet connection to run this online tool. 

Open this plagiarism tool and enter the content that needs to be check for plagiarism. Checking plagiarism is very important today as it can seriously damage your reputation and career. 


Edmodo is a very useful educational tool that helps in improving communication between students and teachers. You must understand that lack of communication can seriously affect the learning process, and this is why both parties need to assimilate into a social network that can help them connect whenever they want. This website tool can help teachers in creating collaborative groups and also in providing educational material to their pupils. Teachers can also measure student performance and communicate with the parents using this online tool. This tool makes the learning process more enriched!


This is a very interesting online tool which is designed by entrepreneurs and engineers. The purpose of this tool is to provide students with an interesting learning experience in virtual classrooms. Online classes can be very boring; thus, teachers must use some modern tactics to trigger the interest of the class. Socrative is a systematic tool that can help teachers prepare exercise and lessons in the form of educational games and quizzes. This can help them in increasing the interest level of the virtual classroom, plus you must know that students can learn a lot with this procedure. This tool can be used on any device you want to and that too for free!


Trello is another educational tool that helps in better management of the education system. This tool also helps students and teachers connect using a virtual application. Students and teachers both have to make an account with this online program. After registration, teachers can easily communicate work and assignments to their students, along with the deadlines quite easily. In the same way, students can upload content directly to the interface of this tool to their teachers. There are many interesting features of this tool that you would love once you hook up with it. This tool is best for students who are weak in time-management skills.


Grammarly is a very important tool for students. This writing tool is quite helpful for students who are weak in writing content and preparing quality assignments. Grammarly can be used online and can also be installed on your device. This online tool helps users learn about the mistakes that they have made in their work. The tool highlights content in red, blue and green depending on the nature of the error.

Grammarly can easily find grammar errors, spelling mistakes, clarity and engagement issues without any trouble. Not only can you find errors, but you can also get their solutions and remove these errors on a one-click basis. The working of this tool is simple, and you do not need any experience to run this program. You should also know that this tool can also help you in plagiarism checking!

Class Dojo

This is another educational tool that can help in the improvement of student behavior. Teachers can provide instant feedback to their students with the help of this online tool and can also reward good behavior and home assignments with this utility. This real-time rewarding process increases the temptation of every kid in the class to be at their best behavior which in result becomes useful for all the class. Teachers can also share their reports and their collective information with the parents of the students so that they can also stay in the loop and see the progress. This tool plays an important role in administration too!

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