How To Dispose of E-waste

There are so many ways we could possibly save the planet, and one way is to reduce the waste we leave lying around. This is in addition to practicing mindful growing of trees, reducing erosion, and many other eco-friendly practices that can ensure we do not kill our planet. 

In this piece, we shall take a look at a few ways you, at home, or elsewhere can dispose of that old computer without harming Earth.

Make art

There are so many elements that can come out of all computer parts. The monitor frame could possibly be used as a picture frame, the screen to make a centerpiece, and the wires as part of a painting. More so, you could use all the other features to create a sculpture by joining them to create a man or a dog frame. With art, the imagination rules, and so you can make so many things from one small computer. That said, if you have an artistic mind and a creative hand, go ahead and create something magical instead of dumping it all away.

Sell the parts as replacements

Let’s be real; not everyone has an artistic eye. As a matter of fact, creatives are the minority, so why not take a different stance; a business stance. Sell off the individual parts that still work as spare parts. Believe it or not, some of these materials are a hot cake and could earn you a fortune. So do not sleep on this opportunity; take it, and make some money.

Recycle the parts

Instead of selling, you may as well try fixing these pieces and reassembling them to create something else. The motors and the motherboards could be repurposed to do something else just as innovative. If you have an engineering mind, pick up these pieces and try to make something out of it. Perhaps a motorized pump to pump water from the river to your small farm using the same power source a computer once used.

Taking a completely different stance, why not use the housing of the computer as a planter? That is recycling, and it goes a long way into making beautiful art while saving the planet.

Use professional companies that take in the waste

Finally, you could always contact professionals like an  ITAD recycler to get rid of the waste for you in the best way possible. And the good thing is that if you make a deal of being a collector, it could serve as an extra stream of income. But besides that, it is a sure way that these wastes that would lay idle polluting the earth are put into better use. These companies upscale these waste and see what best way to return them into functionality. And if they cannot be saved, they are returned to the factory and remolded to something else.

Take away

It usually takes two to tango, I and you are part of this war to get our planet back to safety. Currently, we have a huge problem with waste and E-waste in the largest chunk. Let’s solve this problem; how? The ways above are a start.

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