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Yasmine Bleeth was among the most stunning famous people to rock the boat in and out of town during the ’90s. Her shapely figure and short of breath voice made her stand separated from her accomplices. In case anyone was wanting to enroll an exquisite model and an uncommon performer, she was the to-go-to lady. She ended up being essentially more famous after her appearance in the TV series that numerous people loved, “Baywatch”. She was featured in such endless various films and dramatizations, and her acting calling seemed, by all accounts, to be on the rise.

Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth:

Yasmine Bleeth is an American entertainer who has a hard and fast assets of $2 million. Bleeth is without a doubt commonly popular for featuring as Caroline Holden on the TV series “Baywatch” (1993-1997), and she similarly played Ryan Fenelli on “Ryan’s Suspicion” (1985-1989), LeeAnn Demerest on “One Life to Live” (1991-1993), and Controller Caitlin Cross on “Nash Expansions” (1998-2000). Yasmine has appeared in two or three movies, including “BASEketball” (1998) and “Secret Heavenly messenger” (1999), and as of this construction, her latest occupation was in the 2003 television film “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.”

Who is Yasmine Bleeth?

Yasmine Amanda Bleeth is potentially the most famous and ideal performer in America. She was brought into the world in the US, expressly in New York City. She is the young lady of a remarkable model, Carina, and an entrepreneur called Phillip.

Her father Phillip is of German-Jewish and Russian-Jewish dive, while her mother, Carina, was of Algerian and French dive. This suggests that she has a mixed ethnic establishment.

Her calling at the focal point of consideration started when she was a youngster. At a decade old, she featured in a youngster chemical television plug for Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tears. The performer went to the Brought together Nations Worldwide School in New York as a youngster.

Her dynamic collaboration in the business opened more entrances for her. Exactly when she was six years old, she showed up Being recorded as a gag. Before long, she was featured in a helpful publicizing exertion by the surprising model Cristina Ferrare.

Yasmine Bleeth’s young years were spent searching for herself. Not long after doing the supportive publicizing exertion with Cristina Ferrare, she got the eye of one of the most infamous plan visual craftsmen, Francesco Scavullo.

Scavullo in the end recalled the model and her mother for his book called Scavullo Women. Such affirmation was astoundingly basic, for the most part in light of the fact that Yasmine should have been a performer.

Yasmine Bleeth Biography:

Yasmine Bleeth was brought into the world on June 14, 1968. She is at present 55 years old.In the US of America, New York City is where she was born.Although her complete name is Yasmine Amanda Bleeth, she is referred to in the business as Yasmine Bleeth.She experienced youth in a particularly settled gathering of Carina, who has worked as a model, and Philip Bleeth, who has filled in as an entrepreneur.

Her mother has a spot with the start of the Pied-Noir from Algeria, with French genealogy, and her father is of Russian-Jewish and German-Jewish descent. She started appearing on business ns television programs from the get-go in life which has helped her in her master occupation. She appeared in Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tears kid cleaning agent television promotion when she was ten months old and later was viewed on many shows to be the performer.


Real NameYasmine Amanda Bleeth
Nick NameYasmine Bleeth
Birth PlaceNew York City, United States
Date Of Birth14 June 1968
Age55 years old
Height– In Centimeters: 165 cm
Weight– In Kilograms: 54 Kg
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourDark Brown
EducationUnited Nations International School
Zodiac SignGemini
Sexual OrientationStraight
Kids/Children NameN/A
ProfessionAmerican actress
Net Worth$5 Million

Yasmine Bleeth Education:

Examining her tutoring, we don’t know where Yasmine Bleeth has completed her auxiliary school preparation. By virtue of her calling, she never will talk about her tutoring, her school, or her assessments. Anyway we understand she loves examining, she never communicates a ton about it. Moreover, we don’t know from where she has completed her graduation or in which subject she has specific interest in.

Yasmine Bleeth Age:

Today, Yasmine Bleeth is 51 years old. This exquisite lady was brought into the world on June 14, 1968, in New York City.

Yasmine Bleeth Height:

Being brought into the world on June 14, 1968, Yasmine Bleeth is 52 years old beginning the current date 24th January 2021. Her level is 5 ft 5 inches tall, and her weight is 60 kg.

Yasmine Bleeth Personal life:

Yasmine met Paul Cerrito at Responsibilities Rebuilding Center (which she intentionally entered to help her with overcoming a cocaine dependence), and they married on August 25, 2002. She said of meeting Cerrito, “They say you shouldn’t get into any relationship in the primary year of connectedness — especially with someone in the program, yet Paul and I turned out to be tragically fascinated immediately.” In 2001, Bleeth was caught in Michigan after she drove onto a center strip on the thruway. Cops found “four needles containing a liquid sort of cocaine and a little plastic sack with cocaine development” in Yasmine’s travel bag, and directly following getting a warrant to glance through her housing, they found drug stuff and cocaine. Following two months, Bleeth recognized a solicitation bargain and admitted to driving while at the same time blocking and responsibility for 25 grams of cocaine, getting a sentence of two years of probation alongside 100 hours of neighborhood. Yasmine made an article named “Back from My Prescriptions Perdition” for the April 2003 issue of “Appeal” in which she discussed her cocaine propensity and her way to recovery and communicated that “purposely endeavoring to stay off drugs is by and by significant for [her] life and reliably will be.”

Bleeth filled in as a delegate for the 1998 Lee Public Denim Day campaign, which raised $5 million for the unselfish Susan G. Komen for the Fix. She was moreover a delegate for that purpose and teamed up with the Portage Motor Association to spread out the Race for the Fix. In 1995, Yasmine competed on “Hotshot Risk!” and gave her prizes ($10,000) to Sloan Kettering Chest Threatening development Investigation.

Yasmine Bleeth Family:

Her father’s name is Philip Bleeth and her mother’s name is Carina Bleeth.Her mother was similarly an astoundingly notable model and she has acquired some valuable information about showing from her mother. Of course, her father had a compelling business and was no spot for illustrating. Her father is of Russian and German-Jewish descent however her mother is of Pied-Noir Algeria drop and moreover had French ancestors.

Yasmine Bleeth Career:

Right when Yasmine was 6 years old, she appeared “Being furtively recorded” and in a Greatest Part remedial advancement campaign. Bleeth appeared in the advancement with model Cristina Ferrare, and she snatched the eye of plan visual craftsman Francesco Scavullo, who later featured Yasmine and her mother in his book “Scavullo Women.” Bleeth made her film debut in 1983’s “Hi Sweetheart!,” and in 1985, she began playing Ryan Fenelli on the ABC show “Ryan’s Assumption,” appearing in 96 episodes when the series completed in 1989. Not long after the show’s withdrawal, Yasmine’s not set in stone to have chest illness, and after Carina passed on in November 1989, Bleeth had a break from acting to deal with her trouble. The essential work Bleeth recognized after her mother’s passing was LeeAnn Demerest on the ABC show “One Life to Live,” and she expected the part from 1991 to 1993. In 1993, she highlighted on “Herman’s Head” and dealt with the gig of Caroline Holden on the collaborated series “Baywatch.” Yasmine stayed on the show until 1997, and rehashed the occupation of Caroline in the TV movies “Baywatch the Film: Disallowed Paradise” (1995) and “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding” (2003) as well as a 1996 episode of the side venture “Baywatch Nights.” While highlighting on “Baywatch,” she was named one of “People” magazine’s “50 Most Stunning People” and “FHM” magazine’s “100 Most Blazing Women On earth.”

Bleeth appeared in the 1994 film “The Power” and the 1996 TV movies “A Face to Fail miserably For” and “Chat with Me,” and she guest highlighted on “Youngster Meets World” (1995) and “The Uncovered Truth” (1997). She played the lead work in the 1996 film “Heaven or Vegas,” and in 1998, she co-highlighted with “South Park” producers Three pointer Parker and Matt Stone in the parody “BASEketball.” From 1998 to 2000, Yasmine played Assessor Caitlin Cross on the CBS series “Nash Expansions” nearby Wear Johnson and Cheech Marin, and in 1999, she appeared in the films “quite close” and “Mystery Angel.” She guest highlighted on “Veronica’s Storeroom” (1998) and “V.I.P.” (2000), and she appeared in the TV movies “The Lake” (1998), “Outrageous Trickery” (1999), “It Came from the Sky” (1999), “Unreasonable resentment” (1999), “Goodbye Casanova” (2000), and “Hidden away Struggle” (2000). In 2000, Bleeth highlighted as Heather Way Williams on the Aaron Spelling-conveyed series “Titans,” an afternoon show that communicated one season on NBC, and in 2003, she appeared in the film “Game Over.” Yasmine has in like manner appeared in the 1995 account “The Universe of James Security” and different partnered programs, for instance, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” “The Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” and “The tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Yasmine Bleeth Relationship:

Yasmine Bleeth is hitched and the name of her soul mate is Paul Cerrito who she had met in the most sketchy days of her entire life. She had met him in Malibu while being in a state of ongoing medication use and being high. She ah=gainst met him after her treatment and both of them in a little while experienced energetic affections for. On 25 August 2002, they got the pack inside seeing their families and associates in Heavenly individual Barbara, California. At this moment, they live in Scottsdale, Arizona.


  • Yasmine Bleeth was born on June 14, 1968, in New York City, USA.
  • She gained early exposure to the entertainment industry, appearing in commercials as a child.
  • Bleeth’s breakthrough role was as Ryan Fenelli in the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope.”
  • She is best known for her role as Caroline Holden in the popular TV series “Baywatch.”
  • Bleeth battled cocaine addiction but successfully recovered and became an advocate for addiction awareness.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.
  • Bleeth married Paul Cerrito in 2002 after meeting him during her rehabilitation journey.
  • She has been involved in charitable endeavors, supporting causes like breast cancer research and addiction awareness.


Yasmine Bleeth, a renowned American actress, gained fame primarily through her role as Caroline Holden in the iconic TV series “Baywatch.” Born on June 14, 1968, in New York City, Bleeth started her career at a young age, appearing in commercials and later transitioning into television and film. Her breakout role came in “Ryan’s Hope” followed by a successful stint in “One Life to Live.” However, it was her portrayal of Caroline Holden in “Baywatch” that solidified her status as a household name.

Despite her success, Bleeth faced personal struggles, including a battle with cocaine addiction. However, she overcame these challenges, went through rehabilitation, and has been candid about her journey to recovery.

Bleeth’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, primarily accumulated through her acting career in television and film.

She married Paul Cerrito in 2002 after meeting him during her rehabilitation process. They currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.


What is Yasmine Bleeth’s net worth?

Yasmine Bleeth’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

What is Yasmine Bleeth’s most famous role?

Yasmine Bleeth is most famous for her portrayal of Caroline Holden in the TV series “Baywatch.”

Did Yasmine Bleeth struggle with addiction?

Yes, Yasmine Bleeth battled cocaine addiction but successfully recovered and has been open about her journey to recovery.

Who is Yasmine Bleeth married to?

Yasmine Bleeth is married to Paul Cerrito, whom she met during her rehabilitation process.

Where does Yasmine Bleeth currently reside?

Yasmine Bleeth currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband Paul Cerrito.

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