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Why is Selling Used Designer Handbags Good for the Environment?

Be fashionably sustainable.

The fashion industry is rapidly changing, evolving and growing year after year, generating billions of dollars annually as new trends continue to emerge. However, it is also one of the highest polluting industries: clothing production contributes millions of tons of greenhouse gases to our atmosphere and dumps hazardous chemicals into our waterways. After their use, 73% of produced clothing materials end up burned or landfilled. 

The most pollution and waste therefore occurs at production and then the end-of-life cycle for fashion items. Fortunately, there is a way to help curb this waste and pollution, and it involves extending the lifespan of something already created. 

The designer handbag and clothing resale market is a prime example of material conservation: by buying pre-owned designer handbags and products, customers can save a lot of money and extend the useful life of an already-produced item. This has many additional sustainable benefits for the environment. According to research, buying a pre-owned designer handbag can save over 8kg of carbon emissions and 22 gallons of water on average, when compared to buying a new bag – not to mention save the life of the animal from which the leather is sourced. 

A fast-growing Connecticut-based company, CODOGIRL™, specializes mainly in the resale of pre-owned designer fashion for this exact purpose. However, they also provide a special re-fashion service that works even further towards the goal of fashion conservation and sustainability. The company upgrades and redesigns vintage fashion pieces extending their lifecycle  and eliminating  the need to use additional resources. 

An example of how buying and selling pre-owned handbag helps the environment.

Many, if not most designer handbags are made of some sort of leather. There are many different material finishing techniques that result in such fine finished products. However, the environmental toll of such production is immense: most leathers are made from cows; those cows typically need large pastures to graze (agriculture and animals are a major source of our global carbon footprint). Then, the leather manufacturing processes are very carbon intensive (and polluting) at all three stages – preparation, tanning and finishing. 

Now, imagine how much of a positive impact buying and selling a pre-owned designer handbag has on the environmental cost of leather production? Of course, new handbags will continue to be produced, and it would be unrealistic for everyone to have a pre-owned handbag – they don’t last forever. But, designer handbags are known to last years, decades and even a lifetime with the right care. For example, Chanel flap bags of 20 years vintage still look just as new and lustrous as they did when first made. 

How can it save you money?

Everyone knows how expensive designer handbags are brand new in the retail boutiques. But more and more people are learning that they can purchase the same luxurious quality, style and prestige of their favorite designer handbag for less than half the retail prices in many instances. The answer is designer resale. As we have discussed, it is a great alternative regarding environmental consequences, but also is great for your wallet. You could save up 70% off retail prices by buying a pre-owned designer bag 

Resale: a world of handbag opportunity…

If you walk into any designer retail boutique, you would only see handbags from the current season’s collection. However, when shopping for pre-owned handbags on the resale market, you will find handbag models from several fashion seasons, and even stumble across a rare, limited production edition. Brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton occasionally release limited edition handbags, which are quickly snatched up by collectors and fashionistas. The same thing goes for vintage – one of the biggest trends in fashion – the only place you can find them is on the resale market. 

The takeaway:

More and more people are recognizing the impact of the fashion industry, as well as learning the benefits of buying pre-owned. Conservation of materials, skipping polluting and wasteful production processes, and extending the lifespan of something already created are the three main environmental benefits. Saving up to 70% off retail prices when you buy pre-owned, as well as access to a wide variety of styles and designs benefit you and your wallet. You can also use designer resale as a way to make some extra money when you sell your pre-owned designer bag. Look good and feel good about your fashion choices, while saving money and having fun! 

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