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10 Amazing Ideas to 

Promote Your School Event

Good marketing is always important for companies and events. In the case of school events, it’s crucial to find ways to spread the word and let people in the area know what you’re doing. Here’s a list of ideas to generate the right attention.

  1. Remember school announcements

    Sometimes, simple works. Whenever you need to make announcements over the PA system, include reminders about the event to promote it among the student body. You can also post the announcements on bulletin boards and on your school website. Take things to the next level by sending promotional emails to your subscribers (e.g. students and parents) to serve as reminders.
  2. Use official campus media outlets

    The school’s own media outlets are a natural resource to raise awareness, both within the school and beyond. You can start by placing the event in the school calendar and newspaper to ensure everyone hears about it and sets some time to attend. You can also make and distribute promotional t-shirts. They aren’t just cool clothes; they also work as free advertising every time people from your school go out and wear them.
  3. Put social media to work

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Most school districts have accounts on social media platforms. Put those platforms to work by advertising your event on your accounts. It’s a powerful way to raise awareness among your followers, and it gives them a chance to spread the word by sharing your posts and attracting more people. Web marketing Hamilton also takes the chance to use visual media like Instagram and YouTube to make it easier to spread information.

  1. Write a blog post

    Blogging is one of the most effective and powerful tools for marketing available. Make a post on your school’s blog, or if anyone in the administration is a blogger, get them to make their own posts detailing the event. It’s a great way to spread awareness and a chance to give readers a preview of what to expect at the event.
  2. Create videos

Video is another powerful medium for marketing. Most people like to visualize what it’s like at events, and your videos can help capture a slice of that. If you have any videos of old events, use them to promote your next event and start creating hype. You can also make some behind-the-scenes videos or create a mini-documentary to let your viewers share in the experience.

  1. Put up flyers

Printed media is still a good way to reach potential audiences. Set up flyers in strategic locations to ensure passers-by get consistent reminders of your event. A split-second look may be just what you need to grab someone’s attention. While you’re at it, work with local businesses and institutions to distribute more flyers to potential guests.

  1. Set up event tables

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Event tables can do more than sell tickets; they’re also a good way to advertise to passers-by. Set up your table to be eye-catching and visually stunning to drum up publicity. You can also avail of corporate event Toronto services to create and design the perfect atmosphere for your passers-by. Meanwhile, get the people operating the table to answer questions and get some attention. It also works even if the event is free. Set up your tables every day for a week to give tickets away and get even more attendees.

  1. Organize QR code mysteries

    Interactive marketing campaigns are both memorable and interactive, making them great at getting attendees invested in the event. Hand out some QR codes to would-be visitors with links to prizes and ticket information. Having a mystery to solve can pique people’s interest and get them to scan and take a look at what you’re offering.
  2. Incentivize recruitment

    One way to mobilize your people to go the extra mile is to offer some rewards. Provide prizes to encourage more students and personnel to invite more people. The prizes can be items like coupons to keep things simple. Your incentives can also work as a game to spice things up for participants.
  3. Set up a photo booth

    Photo booths are a simple yet effective attraction at many events that also work as advance promo opportunities. Set up a simple photo booth with event details and fun props to get people having fun. You can also provide the option of printing the images as nice takeaways. 

School events at places like preschool Newmarket are great for raising morale and having fun, so it’s important that you’re able to entice people to join. Keep these ideas in mind to help raise awareness the next time you’re setting up an event. 

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