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7 Important Sections For A Beginner’s Resume Template

Creating the perfect resume can be daunting for beginners. Whether you should add a header or remove the personal information section is tricky. After all, when you are making a resume for the first time, you may have apprehensions. 

As a fresher, you may like to follow a resume template. That’s perfectly alright!

Here’s what a perfect resume template looks like:

  • Header

The first line that catches the eyes of recruiters is the resume header. Typically, the header has contact information, a LinkedIn profile, website links, and links to other social networks. Provide up to date contact information and add professional-looking emails like ‘[email protected].’ Provide minimum but solid information; don’t overwhelm them with too much info. 

  • Summary

You are a fresher looking for a high paying job that matches your academic qualification and profile. Therefore, the summary of your profile could be a deciding factor. 

The best version of a personal summary should connect with your goals and skills, and not just make claims. 

Here’s an example: “To become the best website designer in the world by adopting minimalism, design and development tactics with optimizing large scale development tools. I take a keen interest in research and design, which drives my desire to accomplish my career goals.”

  • Skills

Your skills are the building blocks of your resume. Whether you are applying for college admission or a job, highlight your skills in such a manner so that the reader takes a note. 

Recruiters receive 200+ applications daily. Applicant skills are the key factor for choice. 

When you add your skills, make sure it is:

  • Relevant to the post you are applying for
  • Familiar within the target industry
  • A combination of hard and soft skills
  • Experience

As a fresher, you may underestimate your work experience. Companies hiring freshers look for candidates with relevant coursework or projects. Some relevant experience in lab, projects, coursework, or internship also counts as working experience. 

  • Education

Job requirements demand a degree of education such as undergraduate, postgraduate, etc. Listing out academic qualifications is a way to help the recruiter understand your profile and shortlist. 

When you mention your education, make sure to add any relevant coursework done. 

  • Certificates & Courses

Freshers undergo several courses and certification programs during college. It boosts their knowledge and resume. Besides, these certificates can also help a candidate gain experience as well as prepare for a professional career. These documents are critical in designing a winning resume template for freshers. 

  • References

Including references is the best part of a fresher’s resume. When you are crafting the reference section, make sure to add the name, designation, contact details, and email. Do not make it useless. 

Freshers should leverage the existing network to get job referrals. Job referrals can be an incredibly influential way of landing a job. Because of referrals, a resume stands out from the other job applications. If you are not sure where to start, contact your professors, college alumni, and social network. 

Craft an impeccable resume with the right template to grab the attention of the recruiters. 

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