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The Ultimate Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle: Statistics, Injuries, Challenges and Recovery

Before you know the dangers that can come with riding a bike and how motorcycle accident injuries can harm your overall health, it is important to have the gory details on the subject. We will discuss everything that you need to know in this article.

There are several advantages of owning a bike, such as an improved sense of freedom, reduced fuel prices, and, mostly, the lower cost of purchasing a vehicle. This goes without mentioning that riding a bike always comes with certain potential dangers. Motorcyclists become more vulnerable to the weather, so severe accidents will occur without a protective barrier between the driver and the ground.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The reported incidence of lumbar spinal injury represents a mainly low-speed collision involving motorcyclists in the area.

Compared to hitting the floor mostly during a serious accident, motorcycle riders are more prone to sustaining a major spinal injury when hitting the ground during a car crash.

Here are some statistics about motorbikes and motorbike accidents that you need to know:

  • 88.9% of men with the injured spine (lower lumbar and thoracic vertebra)
  • 11.1% of women with serious spinal injuries while riding a bike
  • 65% vertebral dislocation
  • 54.8% of thoracic spine injuries
  • 29.4% of lumbar spine injuries
  • 27% of cervical spine injuries
  • 19.8% distal neurologic injuries
  • 8.7% of spinal surgeries
  • 10.3% of deaths

These statistics show the dangers of bikers being really hard while on the road. Even in minor cases, the victim is also exposed to some kind of injury.

Traumatic Injuries Caused Due To Motorcycle Injuries

Much like a car crash, a bike accident can arise at any moment, and therefore it is important that everybody knows that injuries are on the verge of happening. Spinal cord injury can also be seriously harmful. The spinal cord binds the cerebral foundation to the periphery of the body.

The brain communicates motor instructions via the muscles of the spinal cord. With the help of these same pathways, the vital organs relay sensory input to the head.

Something that interferes with such messages will have lasting repercussions. New research looks into the rates of spinal cord injury found in automobile collisions.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can be alleviated by wearing a helmet and other protective head and face gear as well as looking after the mirrors while riding the bike.

Bone Fractures

Fractures are quite common especially if you fall from a big blow. If the bike falls on you, you have huge chances of twisting your feet and even hands. Some of the most common types of bone fractures are the:

  • Ulna
  • Tibia
  • Fibula

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage is quite common even in the minor of accidents. It takes a while to get the soft tissue damage repaired with the help of medical care and attention.

Soft tissue damage can be to the structures and organs of the chest and the abdominal section of the body.

Severe Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are quite common. You might suffer from whiplash that will restrict your range of motion for a few weeks.

Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

The individuals who are involved in a major bike crash and also have side effects of spinal injury are probable to be transferred to the hospital in an ambulance to the medical center. Once you are there, your doctor will treat you and give you the desired treatment.

  • Your accident injury doctor will ask you to provide a complete history of your previous medical records. This will help them identify clues to see where the spinal damage can occur.
  • Your broken bones will be plastered and left immobile for their quick recovery. Cast and plaster of Paris are good options frequently used by doctors.
  • They will start antibiotic treatment if you have any scars and wounds that have left your skin. Antibiotic treatment usually goes around for a few days until the skin starts to appear and the wounds are dry.
  • Many doctors like to give their patients who have suffered from motorcycle accident injuries steroids. This will cause the patients to reduce the swelling in the central nervous system of the body. This is an attempt to try to minimize the damage that is caused due to the harsh accident.
  • After all the verbal and physical evaluation, your accident injury doctor will put you through a series of imaging tests. A CT Scan, x-ray and an MRI are the most common methods that will help the doctor take a closer look at the spine and the brain section.
  • In case of any deformity and lesion is seen on the imaging test, the victim might require to go through an extensive plan to recover properly. Some of the major injuries that a person might have are: displaced bone fracture, ruptured ligaments, broken tendons, herniated discs, cord compressions, hematoma, or abscess.

The medical process comes with multiple risks but sticking with the right doctor and opting for the correct plan will help you recover and get better over time.

Recovery Process after a Car Accident

After a bike accident, you might need to stay in the hospital for a few days. After discharge, many people think that they have recovered but the reality is that it is just a starting phase of the entire recovery process.

It is important for people to maintain their regular appointments with the doctors and visit whenever you are asked to. Keeping in touch with the doctor and seeking alternative therapy like chiropractic care will help you recover properly without developing chronic diseases.

Challenges during the Recovery Process

Many people who are victims of a bike crash might face a few challenges during their recovery process. Here are some of the most common challenges that an individual might face are:

  • Due to an accident, many people lose their normal range of motion that makes it difficult for them to make normal movements. Physical therapy will help you restore your strength, flexibility as well as the normal range of motion that will help them move better.
  • People depending on the type of injury might suffer from some sort of chronic pain. They can develop difficulty in managing chronic pain.

It is important for people to know that the recovery process is hard and people might expect the situation to get better in a couple of days. However, over time, it is important for individuals to hold a grasp over the impatience.

After a few days, victims might begin to regain their lost motor and sensory functions that will help you get better and back to your regular routine. Even though it is a slow process, the people who follow doctors’ directions are more likely to recover in a better way.


Motorcycle accidents are one of the most dangerous and life-threatening hazards to be in. Everyday motorcyclists go through trauma and injuries of being in a bike accident.

It is important for the victims to go through the entire medical process and follow the directions as suggested by the doctor.

Many people recover from chronic injuries by following the directions given by their doctors. You just have to be patient and let your body recover at its natural pace before rushing in.

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