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What is Mikey Madison ethnicity?

Mikey Madison, brought into the world in the radiant city of Los Angeles on Walk 25, 1999, is an Aries with American roots running profound. Acting is her strong point, and you could perceive her best as Sadie from the entertaining 2019 flick “Some time ago… In Hollywood.” Coordinated and written by the unbelievable Quentin Tarantino, this film flaunted a top pick cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie. It’s a wild ride through the existences of a maturing television star and his dependable trick twofold, handling an incredible 137 honors, including several gleaming Oscars, and scoring selections for a stunning 374 different honors. A remarkable realistic accomplishment!

Who Is Mikey Madison?

You know, Mikey Madison is a true American talent. Her roles in films such as “All Souls,” “Scream,” “It Takes Three,” “The Addams Family,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and others have been illuminating both large and small screens. She has also excelled in TV series such as “Lady in the Lake,” “Imposters,” and “Better Things.” Her talents are not simply confined to the big screen.

In terms of measurements, Mikey is a small 5 feet 3.5 inches tall with 32-24-33 inches, which is the traditional Hollywood figure. What is her bra size? She wears a size 7 shoe, and this one is a 32A. Her beautiful black hair and hazel eyes give her an impression of ageless beauty.

Born and bred in sunny Los Angeles on March 25, 1999, Mikey’s got a twin brother and three other siblings, making for a lively household, I’m sure. And hey, she’s proudly American, with that Aries fire burning bright in her zodiac sign. Unmarried and focused on her craft, she’s making waves in the industry with her talent and dedication.

Mikey Madison Wiki, Biography

Mikey Madison’s story starts directly in the core of Los Angeles, California, where she came into this world on Walk 25, 1999. Envision experiencing childhood in the rushing about of LA — the energy, the variety, the fantasies simply holding back to work out as expected. That is the scenery to Mikey’s initial years. 

Presently, Mikey, she has that exemplary Aries soul, you know? Not entirely set in stone, prepared to take on the world. Also, she’s constantly held her Christian confidence near her heart — it resembles her directing light through life’s highs and lows. 

Secondary school days were presumably loaded up with every one of the typical young experiences, however Mikey doesn’t joke around about her schooling. She went to a confidential secondary school, absorbing information and manufacturing kinships that would endure forever. What’s more, from that point forward, it was set for Arizona State College to pursue her fantasies significantly further. Could you at any point picture her, strolling across that grounds, loaded with aspiration and potential? 

Be that as it may, listen to this — it’s hard to discuss Mikey without feeling a feeling of misfortune. Regardless of her young age, her process unfortunately reached a conclusion too early. However, even in her passing, she abandons a tradition of ability, graciousness, and the flash of energy that consumed so brilliantly inside her.

Real NameMikey Madison
Date of Birth25 March 1999
Age24 years old
Height5 feet 2 inches (160 cm)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionAmerican actress

Mikey Madison Education

After wrapping up high school in 2017, Mikey Madison decided to skip the college scene. Instead, she jumped right into pursuing her passion for acting. It’s a bold move, right? Choosing to forge your own path, especially when it goes against the grain. But that’s Mikey for you—fearless and determined to make her mark in the world of entertainment. Who knows what exciting adventures lie ahead for her?

Mikey Madison Age

Mikey Madison will turn 24 on July 16, 2023, making her a lady a ways into her twenties. She was brought into the world on Walk 25, 1999, and she was brought up in the bright energies of Los Angeles; she was brought into the world with the LA soul. Envision being a youngster in the focal point of California, encompassed by such a lot of plausibility and energy. It appears to be legit why she’s become so well known in media outlets!

Mikey Madison Height, Weight

Mikey Madison’s details. She remains at a smooth 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a presence that orders consideration. Furthermore, with regards to her weight, she’s a solid 65 kilograms. Everything revolves around equilibrium and certainty, isn’t that so? Mikey possesses a great deal of that.

Mikey Madison Parents, Sibling

When it comes to Mikey Madison’s family, the details get a bit murkier. You see, while we know a lot about Mikey herself, information about her parents is a bit scarce. Their names and professions are a mystery, hidden away from the public eye. However, what is known is that Mikey was the family’s only son, based on information shared on social media. Trying to put her upbringing’s tale together is like putting together a little puzzle. However, occasionally the most captivating segments are those that keep us wondering, don’t they?

Mikey Madison Career

Back in 2013, Mikey Madison made her screen debut in the short film “Retirement,” in which she portrayed a daughter. She continued to go up the ladder after that, getting parts in a number of films. You might remember her as Alexandra Floyd in “Monster,” Kathleen in “Nostalgia,” Kat Walker in “Rhino,” and Young Maddie in “Imposters,” all between 2017 and 2018.

But it was in 2019 that Mikey really made a splash, scoring a memorable role as Susan “Sadie” Atkins in Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded comedy-drama film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” It’s like a Hollywood dream come true, right? From small beginnings to sharing the screen with some of the biggest names in the industry—Mikey’s definitely on the rise.

Roles in movies

Mikey Madison’s acting journey has been quite the adventure! It all kicked off back in 2013 when she made her debut in the short drama “Retirement,” playing a daughter—a small role but a big start. Then, she doubled down with “Pani’s Box,” showcasing her talent in another short drama that same year.

She didn’t stop there, though. Mikey kept hustling, making her mark in the romantic drama “Bound for Greatness” in 2014. But it was 2015 that really put her on the map with her feature film debut in “Liza Liza: Skies Are Grey,” where she played the lead character, Liza, in a nostalgic ’60s adventure.

Taking a little break didn’t slow her down. In 2018, she burst back onto the scene with some incredible performances. From dramas like “Nostalgia,” where she played Kathleen, to the critically acclaimed “Monster,” where she portrayed Alexandra Floyd—she was on fire! And let’s not forget her comedic turn in “Rhino” as Kat Walker.

Then, she lent her voice to the animated world as Candi the Barista in “The Addams Family.” She is currently throwing herself into a number of fascinating new endeavors. With “Scream” approaching and “All Souls” in development, Mikey is establishing herself as a major player in the film industry. I’m eager to see what else she succeeds at!

Roles in TV series

Mikey’s TV journey kicked off in 2017 with a bang! She snagged her debut role in the crime comedy drama “Imposters,” playing both Young Maddie and Nicky in a couple of episodes. Now, that’s a pretty cool way to make an entrance into the TV world, right?

“Imposters” had this intriguing premise about a woman who swindles men out of their money through marriage—it’s like something out of a wild movie plot. And even though the show only nabbed a couple of nominations, it still made a mark.

But Mikey didn’t stop there. She was cast as the lead in the comedy drama “Better Things,” where she portrayed the endearing figure of Max, a single mother raising her three youngsters. It’s a hit show, not just any old show! Mikey is right there with Pamela Adlon, leading the charge, creating magic on screen. Plus, “Better Things” has won a few accolades and is nominated for two Primetime Emmys, so it’s obvious that the show is touching people’s hearts and winning over viewers everywhere.

Other credits

Mikey’s not just confined to the scripted world—she’s dipped her toes into the talk-show scene too! You might’ve caught her making guest appearances on shows like “Hollywood Today Live,” “Celebrity Page,” and “Red Carpet Report.” It’s always fun to see actors stepping out of their roles and showing off their personality in real life, don’t you think?

Mikey Madison Net Worth

Mikey’s certainly been making waves in the entertainment industry, and it looks like her hard work is paying off! Her estimated net worth sits around a cool $6 million. That’s a significant accomplishment for someone who is still moving up the success ladder. It only goes to show that in Hollywood, skill and perseverance can definitely pay off!

Love life and Husband

Mikey’s personal life seems to be quite private, adding an air of intrigue to her already captivating persona. She hasn’t really opened up about her romantic relationships, leaving fans to wonder and speculate.

Some folks out there believe she might be lesbian, pointing to her discretion around her love life. There’s even talk of potential sightings, like someone claiming to have seen her hand-in-hand with another woman. But without any concrete evidence or Mikey herself addressing it, it’s all just rumors floating around.

However, there are rumors that she is seeing a non-celebrity man who would rather avoid the limelight. Is a covert love affair developing behind closed doors? Mikey hasn’t said a word about it, leaving fans to wonder and guess.

As of June 2021, it seems Mikey’s flying solo, keeping her focus on her career. No wedding bells or baby announcements—just the mystery of a talented actress navigating the twists and turns of Hollywood life.

What is Mikey Madison’s Zodiac Sign?

Mikey Madison’s zodiac sign is Aries, and let me tell you, it fits her to a T in her acting career! Aries folks like Mikey are all about passion and drive, and you can see it in every role she takes on.

She’s got this natural confidence that just shines through, you know? And that fearlessness? It’s what makes her performances so darn captivating. Whether she’s diving into a tough character or bringing her energy to the screen, Mikey knows how to leave a mark.

Being an Aries means she’s all about intensity and authenticity. She gives her everything to her characters, giving them a genuine and approachable quality. Let’s also discuss Mickey’s independence: she doesn’t hesitate to push herself, take chances, and go down new avenues.

But her acting prowess isn’t the only factor. Off-screen, Mikey captivates people with his captivating personality. She’s the kind of person you want to be around, you know. She is also willing to take on any assignment that comes her way and always welcomes a challenge.

With Mikey, you can expect nothing but passionate performances that’ll leave you wanting more. So, keep an eye out for this Aries powerhouse—she’s just getting started!

Mikey Madison Nationality and Ethnicity

Mikey Madison’s American roots run deep, and her diverse heritage brings a whole lot of richness to her acting game.

Her Ashkenazi Jewish heritage constitutes a significant portion of her identity, and as such, she offers the characters she plays a distinct cultural viewpoint. Not only that, but she also has a diverse ancestry consisting of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English, Dutch, German, Welsh, and Scottish. It’s like a melting pot of backgrounds, adding layers upon layers to her performances.

Having such a versatile background really amps up the authenticity of her acting. You can guarantee she’s adding a depth that’s difficult to miss, whether she’s connecting with a character or launching into a role. That’s what gives her performances such a fascinating quality—there’s just something about her mixed heritage that accentuates her beauty on television.


Mikey Madison, born on March 25, 1999, in Los Angeles, California, is a talented American actress known for her roles in various films and TV series. Notable among these is her portrayal of Sadie in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” With a background in acting and a dedication to her craft, Madison has made significant strides in the entertainment industry.


  • Mikey Madison’s breakout role was as Sadie in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”
  • She has appeared in a variety of films and TV series, showcasing her versatility as an actress.
  • Madison’s measurements include a height of 5 feet 3.5 inches and a bra size of 32A.
  • She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and she has a twin brother and three other siblings.
  • Madison decided to pursue acting after high school, forgoing college to follow her passion.
  • Her estimated net worth is around $6 million, reflecting her success in the entertainment industry.


What is Mikey Madison’s ethnicity?

Mikey Madison has a diverse heritage, including Ashkenazi Jewish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English, Dutch, German, Welsh, and Scottish backgrounds. This mixed heritage adds depth to her performances and enriches her portrayal of characters on screen.

What are Mikey Madison’s measurements?

Mikey Madison stands at 5 feet 3.5 inches tall with a bra size of 32A. Additionally, she wears a size 7 shoe.

What is Mikey Madison’s net worth?

Mikey Madison’s estimated net worth is around $6 million, reflecting her success and accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

Is Mikey Madison married?

As of June 2021, Mikey Madison’s personal life remains private, and she hasn’t disclosed any information about her romantic relationships or marital status. She seems to be focused on her career.

What is Mikey Madison’s zodiac sign?

Mikey Madison was born on March 25, 1999, making her zodiac sign Aries. Aries individuals are known for their passion, drive, and fearlessness, traits that are reflected in Madison’s acting career.

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