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Ikea Is Hiring People To Work In Its Roblox Store

The latest edition to the list of companies making a game in Roblox for publicity is none other than everyone’s go to furniture store, Ikea. “The Co Worker Game”, as Ikea is calling it, is a virtual store created inside Roblox where people can shop for furniture in beautiful pixelated graphics.

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In order to ensure the smooth running of this store, Ikea gave 10 lucky Roblox players an opportunity to earn real life money. All they had to do was serve meatballs at the virtual Ikea Cafeteria, and help customers in selecting furniture, just like an actual job, with the only difference that workers can do all that while sitting at home on their devices playing Roblox. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Co Worker Game and how Ikea hired people for it:

The Timeline

Unfortunately, as of this article, the time period for the hiring process has elapsed. Ikea conducted the interview process between June 14th and June 18th, and has already shortlisted 10 people for the opportunity. The store is now opened for all Roblox players to try out on June 24th!

Eligibility Criteria

To secure a work opportunity at the Ikea store, applicants had to be 18 years or older and had to reside in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. The job was not available for people living in the US or elsewhere. Ikea encouraged applicants to have an up to date CV when applying or to submit a video application in order to get selected. However, their application form itself seemed non-serious, asking applicants questions like what piece of pixelated furniture they would choose to be. Therefore it is safe to say that there were no real requirements for the job.

Pay Rates

Surprisingly enough, Ikea is willing to pay the workers the same amount as Ikea employees in London get paid, which is £13.15 or $16.78, making it a very good opportunity for the applicants who got selected for moving a mouse and keyboard (or controller if that’s your preference) around Roblox and still getting paid the same as people who have to work in an actual store. Ikea also says that the employees will get the same opportunities for growth as regular workers, with the option to “move departments” if they are doing good at their job. I guess if you give enough people virtual meatballs, you have an opportunity to move up in the world.

Roblox Players are also being encouraged by Ikea to volunteer in the store if they do not get selected, although they will not get paid for doing so. Are you excited to see your favourite Ikea furniture in Roblox? What is your favourite piece of furniture so far? Have you bought anything from the store yet? Get more for less with a cheap Robux card at U7BUY. 

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