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Grace Charis Age: How Old is Grace Charis? Everything You Needed


United States-born Grace Charis is a complex person well-known for her interactions on social media. She is mostly known for her work as an influencer, model, and entrepreneur in the golf industry. She has also gained significant recognition for her visually appealing material that she posts on TikTok and Instagram. Her repertoire includes engaging golf-playing videos and striking modeling photographs, which have contributed to her growing prominence in the digital sphere. For those curious about Grace Charis’ age and eager to delve deeper into her background, a journey into her story promises insight into the life of this budding star.

Grace Charis Age

The renowned golfer entered the world stage on the 21st of November in the year 2002. Grace, at present, stands at the age of 20 as of the year 2023, guided by the celestial arrangement of Scorpio.

From whence does Grace Charis hail? This luminary figure of social media origin was brought into existence in the coastal confines of Newport Beach, nestled within the territorial expanse of California, domiciled within the United States of America. Her nomenclature resonates fully as Grace Charis Smith.

Who is Grace Charis?

Hailing from California, Grace Charis has swiftly emerged as a notable figure in both the realm of social media and the golfing community. Transitioning from a novice in golf to a revered influencer, her trajectory exemplifies a blend of skill, commitment, and inventive interaction. This piece delves into Grace Charis’ career, biography, and the dynamic aspects of her life away from the golf course.

Grace Charis Biography

Grace Chris, born on November 21, 2002, in Newport Beach, California, USA, is the offspring of Cassandra and Robert Smith. Her familial circle also includes her brother, Ryan Smith.Her journey into the world of golf commenced at the tender age of seven, marking the genesis of her passion for the sport. She reached the prestigious ranks of the Singapore National Golf Team by the time she was 14 years old. She then went on to further her studies, graduating from Singapore Management University with a degree in business management, demonstrating her dedication to both her academic and athletic goals.

Grace Charis Wiki

Full nameGrace Charis Smith
Date of birth21 November 2002
Age20 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthNewport Beach, California, United States
Current residenceNewport Beach, California, United States
Height (feet)5’6″
Height (centimeters)167
Weight (pounds)119
Weight (kilograms)55
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionGolf player, influencer, model, entrepreneur
Net worth$1 million

Grace Charis Education

Grace’s academic journey led her from Raffles Girls’ School to Singapore Management University, where she honed not only her intellectual acumen but also her prowess in golf. Delving into Grace Charis’ educational history, she initially attended a private high school in her hometown. Subsequently, she completed her education at a prestigious university, laying the foundation for her eventual transition into a professional career in golf.

Height & Weight

The celebrated presence on social media stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which translates to 168 centimeters in metric measure. Her approximate weight rests at 121 pounds, equivalent to 55 kilograms.

Grace Charis Career

Grace’s fascination with golf ignited in her formative years, and she’s remained dedicated to the sport ever since. However, it wasn’t until completing her education that she transitioned into the realm of professional golfing. Regularly, she treats her audience to glimpses of her golfing prowess through videos on various social media channels. Notably, her personal YouTube platform serves as a showcase for her skills and techniques, boasting an impressive subscriber count exceeding 819 thousand at the present juncture.

Moreover, beyond her prowess on the greens, Grace assumes the role of a social media influencer, wielding significant influence across platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Here, she generously shares snapshots of her modeling endeavors intertwined with her golfing exploits, captivating a staggering audience. Her Instagram following alone surpasses 1.7 million followers at the time of this writing, while her merchandise remains readily available for enthusiasts on the platform.

Grace Charis Hobbies


Grace Charis’ passion for golf is unmistakable, yet her interests extend far beyond the confines of the fairway. Embracing a diverse array of activities that harmonize with her career and personal life, her hobbies reflect a well-rounded approach to living that transcends the boundaries of her sporting endeavors.

Grace Charis Net Worth

Grace Charis has established herself as a lucrative earner through her various social media platforms, amassing a commendable net worth estimated at $1 million. Reports suggest that she has made appearances on several podcast episodes, expanding her reach and influence beyond traditional social media avenues. Additionally, sources indicate that Grace maintains an active presence on OnlyFans, further diversifying her online ventures. As an internet personality, she has ventured into YouTube, where her channel boasts an impressive following of over 37.7K subscribers, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the digital landscape.

Grace Charis Parents

Grace Charis hails from an American lineage, her birthplace nestled within the coastal enclave of Newport Beach, California, within the United States of America.

Maintaining a veil of secrecy surrounding her familial ties, Grace has opted not to divulge the names of her parents and siblings to the public eye, hinting at a penchant for privacy in her personal affairs.

Relationship Status

Grace Charis has made a conscious decision to shield her personal life from the glare of media attention.

While speculation may abound regarding her romantic entanglements, the status of her relationships remains veiled in uncertainty. Online sources suggest that she presently navigates the realm of singledom.

Undoubtedly, Grace directs her unwavering focus towards nurturing her burgeoning golfing career and maintaining an active presence across various social media platforms.

Grace Charis Social Media

Grace Charis commands an impressive presence across various social media platforms. With over 2.9 million followers on TikTok and a devoted audience of more than 697 thousand on X (Twitter), her influence extends far and wide. Additionally, she tantalizes her fans with exclusive content on her OnlyFans account.

Expanding upon her triumphs on Instagram, the Californian golfer has broadened her fan base to TikTok, where her account boasts 2.9 million followers—a noteworthy figure that aids in advancing her personal brand. Grace sends brief films to her YouTube channel, which has over 55,000 subscribers, in addition to her TikTok activities.

Grace, who has made a name for herself on social media, has taken advantage of endorsement deals to start her own website where she sells high-end accessories and makeup. Her impact in the world of high-end business is demonstrated by her partnerships with esteemed companies including American Eagle, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Adidas, Titleist, Nike, Estee Lauder, and Callaway Golf.

With a staggering 1.7 million followers on Instagram and an additional 697 thousand on X (Twitter), Grace’s digital empire continues to thrive. Moreover, her OnlyFans page offers exclusive, premium content to dedicated fans who are willing to subscribe for an intimate glimpse into her world.


Date of Birth: Grace Charis was born on November 21, 2002.

Current Age: As of the year 2023, Grace Charis is 20 years old.

Zodiac Sign: Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Birthplace: She was born in Newport Beach, California, United States.


Renowned within the realms of social media and the sport of golf, Grace Charis entered this world on November 21, 2002, amidst the coastal splendor of Newport Beach, California. As of the temporal confines of 2023, she graces our existence for twenty revolutions around the sun, with the astrological sign of Scorpio illuminating her celestial path. Grace ascended the ladder of recognition through her compelling contributions to digital platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, where her prowess in golf and modeling takes center stage. Commencing her odyssey in the realm of golfing at the tender age of seven, she ascended to the echelons of the Singapore National Golf Team by the age of fourteen. Despite her tender years, Grace has etched her name in the annals of influence, modeling, and entrepreneurship, boasting a monetary worth estimated to surpass the formidable threshold of $1 million.


When was Grace Charis born? 

Grace Charis was born on November 21, 2002.

How old is Grace Charis? 

As of the year 2023, Grace Charis is 20 years old.

What is Grace Charis’ zodiac sign? 

Grace Charis’ zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Where was Grace Charis born? 

Grace Charis was born in Newport Beach, California, United States.

What is Grace Charis’ current age? 

As of 2023, Grace Charis is 20 years old.

What is Grace Charis’ nationality? 

Grace Charis is American by nationality.

What is Grace Charis’ net worth? 

Grace Charis’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

What are Grace Charis’ main professions?

Grace Charis is primarily known as a golfer, influencer, model, and entrepreneur.

Where did Grace Charis attend university? 

Grace Charis graduated from Singapore Management University with a degree in business management.

Does Grace Charis have any siblings? 

Yes, Grace Charis has a brother named Ryan Smith.

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