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Who is Clary Fisher?

Introducing Clary Fisher, a gifted fashion stylist and patriotic British citizen who is well-known for both her fashion sense and for having been the ex-wife of well-known British businessman Simon Konecki. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Simon was previously wed to Adele, a phenomenally gifted American singer.

Residing in England with her daughter, Clary Fisher has taken on the role of a dedicated mother since her divorce from Simon. She was given custody of their daughter despite the difficulties of a failed marriage, demonstrating her fortitude and dedication to her family.

Since it was discovered that her ex-husband, Simon, had been sending her hidden messages while he was married to Adele, Clary Fisher has been in the news.It turns out that Simon continued to maintain a connection with Clary by discreetly sending her birthday wishes and Christmas greetings. This intriguing twist adds a personal touch to the narrative, revealing the complexities of relationships and the bonds that endure beyond divorce.

Clary Fisher Children

Meet the incredibly talented stylist, Clary, who is not only excelling in her career but is also a devoted mom to two wonderful kids. Her first child, a daughter born in 2007 from her marriage to Simon, has blossomed into a remarkable young individual. While Clary keeps her daughter’s name private, one thing is evident – their bond is truly special.

Adding to the joy, Clary and Paul welcomed their second child, and the happiness in their family soared. A quick glance at Clary’s social media reveals her delight in sharing glimpses of both her kids. The family exudes a strong sense of togetherness, with Paul and Fisher forming deep connections with their little ones. Clearly, parenthood has added an extra layer of joy to this stylish and dynamic duo!

Clary Fisher Bio

When it comes to her life away from the spotlight, Clary Fisher is genuinely mysterious. She has been successful in hiding details about her personal life, both before and after she married Simon Konecki, the well-known actor.

Clary values her privacy above anything else, and she’s done a fantastic job of avoiding controversy and the spotlight. She has kept her past well hidden; information on her birthplace, date of birth, and early years is nonexistent.

Online searches yield no information about her parents or siblings, leaving her fanbase with more questions than answers about her family. Clary remains tight-lipped, understanding the curiosity but choosing to keep this chapter of her life away from prying eyes. The only nuggets of information about her early years include a February birthdate, a childhood in Hove, a mixed ethnicity, and British nationality.

In a world where celebrities often share every detail of their lives, Clary Fisher stands out as a master of discretion, leaving her fans to admire her from afar while respecting her desire for privacy.


NameClary Fisher
ProfessionFashion Stylist
Marital StatusMarried
Ex-husbandSimon Konecki
HusbandPaul Collicutt
SchoolLondon College of Fashion
Weight59 kg
Height5 feet 3 inches

Clary Fisher Education

Introducing Clary Fisher, a well-known stylist and fashion designer who is praised for her superb color matching and sharp sense of detail. She developed her talents at the esteemed London College of Fashion, where her career in fashion started. She later pursued further study at the University of Arts, London, where she graduated with a degree in fashion design. Clary is a great visionary in the world of style because of her education and natural aptitude.

Clary Fisher Age

Clary Fisher is 47 years old as of 2021, however her precise birthdate is still unknown online.We hope to provide that information soon.

Born and raised in the quaint English city of Hove in East Sussex, Clary Fisher spent her early years there. She continued her studies at the London College of Fashion, where she eventually earned her degree.

Clary Fisher Personal life

Simon Konecki, the guy who’s really into giving back and used to be married to Clary, was actually born in the lively city of New York on April 17, 1974. So, he’s this Aries dude who’s currently 49 years old. He and his buddy Lucas White teamed up to start Drop4Drop, this cool non-profit that’s all about making sure folks in developing countries get access to clean water. Simon’s the big boss there, serving as the CEO and making sure they stay on track. Plus, he’s got some pretty big names like Sid Owen and Stephen Fry backing up his mission.

You may recall Simon from his relationship with Adele; nevertheless, their relationship ended in divorce in 2021 due to unfulfilled expectations. Ever since, Simon has managed to stay out of the spotlight by maintaining a low profile and avoiding the media circus.Despite his personal life hitting a rough patch, he’s staying true to his passion for helping others through Drop4Drop.

Clary Fisher Family

Born and raised in the energetic city of Hove in East Sussex, England, Clary Fisher is a product of that region. Even though Clary is quite active on social media, she has made the decision to withhold information about her parents and private life.

The elusive details surrounding Clary Fisher’s parents, including their names, remain a mystery as she has yet to share that information publicly. However, stay tuned as we will promptly update this article with any new revelations.

When it comes to her ethnicity, Clary Fisher proudly identifies with the rich tapestry of white ethnicity. Her discretion about personal matters adds an air of intrigue, leaving fans eager to learn more about the person behind the social media presence.

Clary Fisher Career

Let’s take a closer look at Clary Fisher’s journey in the fashion world before delving into the romantic aspects of her life. Clary has made a name for herself as a fashion designer and stylist through a wide range of projects and partnerships with other artists. Her artistic ability has not only won her praise but also elevated her to a prominent position in the fashion industry.Clary is a true fashion icon because of her dedication to and passion for design, which are evident in her innovative efforts.

Clary Fisher net worth 

In the United States, fashion stylists typically earn between $44,000 and $66,000 per year, which adds up to a decent amount. Impressively, her estimated net worth stands at a solid $2.5 million.

Clary Fisher Relationship

Clary’s husband, Paul Collicutt, is a well-known illustrator with a long career. Since 1984, he has been producing stunning artwork, having followed his passion for illustration at Brighton College of Art. His picture book, “This Train,” is particularly noteworthy because it won him the coveted Parent’s Gold Choice Award in America.

 Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Paul runs his own art firm, where he continues to share his creative vision.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Paul has a background in coaching, having served as the coach for the BMC Races and the Brighton Phoenix Track Open. Together with his wife Clary, they have a son named Bob Collicutt, who is happily married.

The Collicutt family is not just a bunch of talented artists; they’re also big-hearted folks committed to making a difference. They’ve turned their grief into action by supporting charitable causes, especially in memory of their son, Bob Collicutt. Paul and Clary had no trouble putting on their walking shoes in support of charitable causes. Paul pledged to assist Macmillan Cancer no matter what by participating in the challenging 26-mile South Coast Mighty Hike on June 11, 2022. On September 10, 2022, at the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike, Clary joined the ranks and completed a full marathon, proving his mettle in addition to Paul.Their dedication goes beyond empty words; it’s a family giving their all to have a good influence.

In addition to honoring their son, their participation in these fundraising walks demonstrates their dedication to having a positive influence in the battle against cancer.

Clary Fisher Social Media

Clarissa keeps it simple in the online world, sticking to just Instagram. She values a peaceful and drama-free life, avoiding the limelight. With a humble following of about 348 on the platform, her Instagram is a place where she carefully reveals bits of her personal and professional life. It’s like a personalized gallery, giving a sneak peek into the life she’s comfortable sharing with her online community.


  • Personal Life: Clary Fisher is a private individual who values her privacy.
  • Children: She has two children, one from her marriage to Simon Konecki and another with her current husband, Paul Collicutt.
  • Education: Clary studied at the London College of Fashion and later pursued fashion design at the University of Arts, London.
  • Career: Renowned as a fashion icon, Clary has built a successful career as a fashion designer and stylist.
  • Net Worth: Her estimated net worth is around $2.5 million.
  • Relationships: Clary is currently married to Paul Collicutt, a well-known illustrator, and they have a son together.
  • Social Media: Clary maintains a low-profile on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her life with her small following of around 348.


Clary Fisher is a renowned British fashion stylist known for her impeccable sense of style. She gained public attention as the ex-wife of Simon Konecki, previously married to Adele. Clary is a dedicated mother to two children, maintaining a private and low-key lifestyle. Despite her divorce from Simon, it was revealed he maintained a secret connection with her. Clary’s discrete nature has kept many aspects of her personal life hidden, including her birthdate and early years.


What is Clary Fisher’s profession?

Clary Fisher is a fashion stylist and designer.

Who was Clary Fisher married to before Paul Collicutt?

Clary was previously married to Simon Konecki, known for his previous marriage to Adele.

How many children does Clary Fisher have?

Clary has two children, one from her marriage to Simon Konecki and another with her current husband, Paul Collicutt.

What is Clary Fisher’s net worth?

Clary Fisher’s estimated net worth is around $2.5 million.

Is Clary Fisher active on social media?

Yes, Clary has an Instagram account with a modest following where she shares aspects of her personal and professional life.

What is known about Clary Fisher’s early life?

Details about Clary’s early life, including her birthdate, birthplace, parents, and siblings, are not publicly disclosed. She has successfully kept her past hidden.

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